Variety Show Guide / Release Date (Updated)

New Journey to the West S5
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Shows/Drama Release (Jadwal Rilis diomberbagi)

List Variety Show dan Drama (Cek disini)

Monday / Senin

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Hello Counselor E391 Here Indo/Eng Shin Yi, Ben, Jin Hae-sung, Mijoo + Kei {Lovelyz}
Please Take Care my Refregerator E206 Here Eng Ha Hyun-woo {Guckkasten}, Yoon Do-hyun {YB}
Section TV E942 Here Indo/Eng

Tuesday / Selasa

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Show Champion Behind E116 Here No
Idol Room E30 Here Indo/Eng Nue’st W
Video Star E121 Here No

Wednesday / Rabu

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Weekly Idol E384 Here Indo/Eng Lovelyz
Show Champion E294 Here Eng Music Show
Let’s Eat Dinner Together E108 Here Indo/Eng Hong Jin-kyung, Kim In-seok, Yoon Sung-ho
Radio Star E594 Here Indo/Eng Jang Ki-ha, Ji Sang-ryeol, Nucksal, Kim Jeong-hyun {announcer}
Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant E160/E43 Here Indo/Eng Jo Yuri, Yabuki Nako dan Kwon Eunbi (IZ*ONE)
Encounter/Boyfriend E03 Here Indo/Eng tVN Drama

Thursday / Kamis

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Life Bar E100 Here Indo/Eng Lee Jae-ryong, Bae Jong-ok, Song Kyung-ah, Moon Se-yoon
Happy Together S4 E09 Here Indo/Eng Yoo Jun-sang, Um Ki-joon, Min Young-ki, Kim Beop-rae // Special MC: Kim So-hyun {theater actress}
Encounter/Boyfriend E108 Here Indo/Eng tVN Drama
Intercept You E04 Here No Seungri (Bigbang) , Kang Ho-dong

Friday/ Jum’at

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Music Bank E958 Here Indo/Eng
Entertainment Weekly E1741 Here Indo/Eng
Real Men 300 E11 Here Indo/Eng Shownu {MONSTA X}, Park Jae-min, Kim Jae-woo, Narsha {B.E.G}, Kim Hee-jung, Choi Yoon-young, Ravi {VIXX}, Lucas {NCT}, Eunseo {WJSN}, Johyun {BerryGood}
Law of the Jungle E342 Here Indo/Eng [Last Indian Ocean #2] Jo Jae-yoon, Jung Gyu-woon, Lee Yong-dae, Lee Yu-bi, Minhyuk {BtoB}, Jun {U-KISS/UNB}, Yeonwoo {Momoland}
I Live Alone E271 Here Indo/Eng Sung Hoon [Actor]
Village Survival, The Eight E04 Here Indo/Eng

Saturday/ Sabtu

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Show! Music Core E612 Here Eng
The Fan E03 Here Eng
Under Nineteen E06 Here Indo/Eng
Battle Trip E120 Here Indo/Eng
Knowing Bros E157 Here Indo/Eng
Amazing Saturday E36 Here No

Sunday/ Minggu

Show Episode Link Sub Panel/Guests
Inkigayo E984 Here Eng
Running Man E429 Here Indo/Eng Lee Si-young (Actress)
The Return of Superman E263 Here Indo/Eng
King of Mask Singer E181 Here Indo/Eng
1 Night 2 Days E577 Here Indo/Eng
All The Butlers E47 Here Indo/Eng
Mom’s Diary E116 Here Indo/Eng Special MC: Lee Sun-hee (Singer)
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Show champion 294nya gak ada. Hanya sampai 290.